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Glenn’s Blog

Here you can read about recent case law that might help with your current situation. I discuss current laws and how they could effect the outcome of your case as well as the options other than litigation.

Settle or Fight

It’s very simple, the fewer issues you litigate, the less you usually pay in attorney fees. As such, it generally makes more sense (financially) to reach agreements, where possible.

Video Library

The video clips include footage of interviews with the attorney, onsite court tours and addresses topics like: mediation, what to expect in various proceedings/situations, what the attorney will do, and much more.

About Us

Glenn R. Wilson is a Fresno Divorce Attorney located in Fresno, California, just blocks from the Courthouse. For more than 13 years, the firm has been providing high quality “family law” related legal services to our clients, throughout the greater San Joaquin Valley area. Our firm services clients from Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, Selma, Madera, Merced, Tulare, Hanford, Visalia, Lemoore, Los Banos, and other communities in the Central Valley.

Having been a police officer for 20 years before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Wilson has an insight into the reality of family law disputes that most lawyers do not share. While Mr. Wilson promotes settlement of cases where possible, his firm has a reputation for being very aggressive where necessary to get to the truth and to get his clients what they are entitled to under the law. We are one of the few Family Law firms in the Central Valley that spends a substantial amount of time preparing our clients for custody mediation and for each hearing. Our clients are given Mr. Wilson’s personal cellular telephone number so that he can be reached 24/7 in case of emergencies, such as a parent refusing to comply with a custody/visitation order over a weekend or holiday. Just try asking another lawyer for his or her personal cell number!


  • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support/Alimony
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Child support
  • Post judgment modifications
  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders (DVTRO’s)
  • Paternity
  • Guardianship

Job Reports

November 2014 Jobs Report 1/2/2015

Jobs currently posted and available at minimum wage or greater, requiring only basic life
skills, and requiring none to minimal experience. Geographical area is within or in close
proximity to Fresno City and/or Clovis City, California.

Jobs Report November 2014

Fresno Minimum Wage Jobs Report for Imputing Income in Child Support Cases 10/30/2014

Jobs currently posted and available at minimum wage or greater, requiring only basic life skills, and requiring none to minimal experience. Geographical area is within or in close proximity to Fresno City and/or Clovis City, California.

Jobs currently posted September 2014



A K. 11/25/2015

I’ve reviewed Glenn on another site but thought i’d share my review here as well. Glenn is on the ball, doesnt leave his clients in the dark (like our current attorney), he IS aggrressive and gets the job done. Your case will not linger for many months or even years all while draining your bank account, your life and your energy. He’s upfront with his fees, what he can do for you and tells you what to expect. You can always reach him if you need him. The only downside is that he’s not affordable for everyone. But you get what you pay for. If you dont hire him first and go with someone else who is less expensive, you’ll wish you had AND you’ll end up hiring him to clean up the mess that your other attorney created. Ask me how i know. :(

Bloody Irishman 10/13/2015

Hands down the best Attorney you could chose to represent you. Mr. Wilson’s knowledge of the law is only matched by his compassion he shows towards his client. He will aggressively protect and defend his client. Not even backing down from a judge if need be. In this day and age you need the best to protect your rights and Mr. Wilson is just the man to do it.

Danny N. 9/24/2015

I highly recommend Mr. Wilson as a family law attorney. He helped me through my situation. He knows the law and is very aggressive  in the courtroom when it comes to child custody issues. I am so glad that I was referred to him. Well worth it! Great staff and very knowledgeable.

Bloody I. 9/23/2015

Mr. Wilson is the BEST!  His knowledge of the law and his unwavering determination to defend and protect his client is second to none.  His integrity, professionalism and aggressiveness is only matched by his compassion for what you as his client are going through.  You want and need the most competent lawyer to represent you…look no further!

Michael 9/22/2015

Mr. Wilson is quite frankly, the best lawyer you could ask for. His knowledge of the law and aggressiveness to protect what is justly due his client is unsurpassed. These traits are only matched by his compassion towards his client. He has gone above and beyond to help me in every aspect of my divorce. To have achieved the things in court I have as a man in California speaks volumes to Mr. Wilson’s abilities. If you need a divorce attorney, you just found your best choice.

Rex W. 9/16/2015

I had almost lost complete faith in our current Court system until I obtained Mr. Wilson’s services.  The fact is, that it truly does matter what attorney you choose as much as what your case involves.  I am very pleased with his aggressiveness, professionalism, and ethics inside and out of the courtroom.  Mr. Wilson prepared me for Mediation, giving me specific advice and instruction, which gave me the confidence I required to successfully navigate this meeting.  His instruction was spot on and EVERYTHING Mr. Wilson predicted would occur, did in fact happen EXACTLY as he described it.

I recommend Mr. Wilson without reservation!

anonymous 4/20/2014

If you need a lawyer, get Mr. Wilson. He fought for me and he will fight for you. He is a true professional and very knowledgeable of the law and it shows when your in court with him. If I didn’t have him as my lawyer, the outcome would have been much different.

Justin Y. 

Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.  Glenn fought every time we went into court.  I didn’t believe that things were going to get better with my case until Mr. Wilson joined on.  A true professional, knows his position in the courtroom and with his knowledge and expertise he could help you like he did for me!

ozziehop1835 7/16/2013

Glenn is the attorney you want on your side for any family law case. He is a man of his word and he will tell you like it is, but he fight for you until the end. Glenn was worth every penny spent and I’m glad I hired Glenn for my case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a fighter on their side!!


Glenn is an aggressive lawyer, but that’s exactly what you need, someone with that type of fire!! I hired Glenn for a child support and child visitation case and he was worth every penny that I paid. I would definitely recommend Glenn to anyone who is in need of a family lawyer. Glenn is the best hands down!!!

AK 5/8/2013

Forget about the sanctions he’s had, that’s because he IS aggressive. That’s what you want in an attorney. He prepped me for mediation (unbundled services), looked over my paperwork that I had and gave me a long consultation that went over by 45 minutes but didn’t charge me for going over. He didn’t charge to return emails or phone calls. He never lied about what he could do for me. He knew the other parties attorney and told me exactly how the other attorney would handle the ex’es case. In mediation I did stellar while the ex sunk his own ship. He told me what paper work to file if need be. We never made it to trial but if we had, I would feel 100% confident in Mr. Wilson’s ability to win my case. His paralegal is also amazing and can be hired separately if you just need help filling out forms, etc.

cmvb2003 1/14/2013

Glenn Wilson is absolutely the BEST family law attorney in Fresno. He has been my attorney for 2 years and if you want someone in your corner fighting for you like it’s their own personal case, then hire him. He knows the law better than any lawyer that I have ever met. He is a great person and has always been there for me when I have needed his advice or help. I don’t know what I would have ever done had I not hired him for my child custody case. He is truly AMAZING. HIRE HIM! I promise you will NOT regret it.

Curtis D. 1/10/2013

I researched several divorce attorneys prior to be referred to the Law Offices of Glen Wilson. I called Glen on his cell and what impressed me was how attentive he was in my situation.  Glen told was up front with me about his fees and I had no surprises when I obtained my bail.  I needed immediate attention for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order a and full custody of my kids. Glen made room for me the next day and his paralegal Jill type an order during after hours. Within 72 hours I had a signed restraining order with full custody of my kids. I had a friend who went through almost the same situation and she has been waiting for over a month to get the same order. I have been working with Fresno County Courts over 15 years and I know you have to have an established relationship in order to obtain my success with the courts. What  impressed me is Glen was available to me 24 hours a day and he was aggressive just like his business stated.

philpepper01 11/23/2012

Mr Wilson sat with me on my child support case. His knowledge of the law baffled even the judge that was hearing the case. The judge didn’t even know the statutes so she had to continue the hearing. My ex wife was so concerned that in the end she might end up having to pay me child support that she made an agreement with me that we pay nothing. Which is what I wanted in the first place. We had the same profession and made the same amount of money with 50/50 custody but the unbiased court saw fit to award my ex wife child support anyway the first time I went to court. Mr. Wilson is outstanding. I have referred friends and work acquaintances to him and have heard more of the same things I am saying. Another great thing is that Mr. Wilson allowed me to complete and file the paperwork as to keep the costs of having him represent me down. Being a father in the court system is a difficult thing but if you have to do it having someone like Mr. Wilson on your side really takes a lot of the stress out of it. I can’t thank him enough. Also, his overall rating would be excellent but this website isn’t loading correctly.

gottasing 10/17/2012

I would like to thank Glenn Wilson and his wonderful staff for all the hard work they put into our custody case. This office is very professional and yet I felt more like I was working out a problem with good friends. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson to anyone needing a family law attorney.

anonymous 7/24/2012

Powerful, knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate, excellent communicator, man of great insight and deep understanding, man of integrity, determined, loyal, and a hard worker are just a few words to describe what I have experienced with Glenn Wilson. I had lost my trust in attorneys and was tired of the muck that I observed in our justice system until Glenn proved otherwise. He was a breath of fresh air. I was running into walls and he knew just how to break down those walls for me. He gave me hope when I was at a low. Fearless and aggressive, well spoken and experienced, going beyond his call- all these things that were so desperately needed I found in him. He is about people not money. I can only thank God for directing my path to him because I needed Glenn’s help desperately. Glenn delivered. I am forever grateful for his help.


Glenn definitely deserves a five star rating. The site has a three star rating as a default. I realized that after I submitted. Three star rating would not do him justice. He deserves the best rating!!!

Chenille V. 11/14/2011

Glenn is the best family law attorney in Fresno… HANDS DOWN. I don’t know what I would have ever done without him. He will fight for you like it’s his own case and that is why you want him sitting next to you. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything and he is always realistic with his clients. He doesn’t sell the “Hire me and I’ll get you everything you want!” nonsense that most lawyers do to get hired and take your money. I personally hired him for child custody issues and he always has THE CHILD’S best interest at heart… And that’s the way it should be. A great attorney and I will always consider him a great friend for all he has done for me!

anonymous 10/19/2011

I hired Mr Wilson before my consultation was finished. I spoke to several attorneys, and had been working with a high price atty., but Wilson understood my position & explained the particular laws we would be dealing with in detail. He has show the perfect balance of manners, aggression & concern for my expenses. I not only have been very happy with his work, but I’ve had an unexpected peace with him in my corner.

Guest68273 9/3/2011

Very nice and professional. Quoted lower initial fee than most of the other lawyers I talked to. I would imagine that having his office in downtown Fresno as opposed to the North end had something to do with that. Prepared me for custody mediation to a point that I felt very comfortable and it went almost exactly as we had discussed. I did well at mediation. Encouraged me to reach agreements with the other side where possible to save costs. He was very thorough and found a retirement account that the other side hadn’t disclosed. He was also willing to negotiate fees that he had billed, often times reducing my bills significantly. Didn’t like going downtown but overall, it was well worth it.

sonya 10/18/2010

Has been a pleasure to have been referred to this man who is equiped to put an end to “misery” in a child custody and divorce battle! He has kept me out of court by his honesty and concern for both parties as to advocate the best interest of the children. He gets to bottom line of a sensitive/emotional time in life that is “Doing the right thing”. The best money I ever spent! Sonya~

Guest30967 7/4/2010

This lawyer spent more time with me and explained more to me about my divorce in my first meeting with him than my previous lawyer did in the eight months before. Only lawyer I talked to that was willing to give me his personal cellular phone number to reach him in case there was a problem with my Sunday child exchange. His hourly fee was about par with other attorneys I talked to, but he explained ways I could save on attorney fees and costs. He spent quite a bit of time getting me to compare the cost of going to court with what I might be saving by settling on certain issues. Overall, one of the better of a group of professionals I was losing faith in.


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